Setting Up Stripe Payment Method

This add-on allows you to accept credit card payments directly on your website through Stripe.

Getting your Publishable and Secret Key:

This is something you will need to connect the plugin with your Stripe account.  Please keep in mind, this is vital to start receiving payments through Stripe with Easy WP Members.

Once you’re logged into your Stripe account you have to click on the API link.

Setting your Webhook & Signing Secret:

Stripe sends webhook events that notify Easy WP Members when either a recurring or new payment is confirmed. This is especially useful for  disputed charges and recurring billing events. This has to be set correctly otherwise the subscriptions purchased by your members will keep as “Pending”.


The Webhook URL must to have the following structure:

It’s very important that you add this “?easywpmstripe=stripe” to the end of the URL.

Here you can get your Signing secret as well.

Please copy/paste the following information from Stripe:

1) Publishable and Secret Key

2) Signing Secret.

Setting Stripe on WordPress side:

Login to your WP Dashboard and click on Easy WP Members – Gateways

Fill out the secret and publishable keys fields and make sure that “Activate Stripe” is checked, then scroll down and save the changes.


You have to use Live Secret and Publishable keys if you’re in production mode.


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