How To Create A Subscription Plan?

In this tutorial we will show you how to create a Subscription Plan.

Click on the Subscriptions Plan tab then on the “Create New” button.

The “Add New Subscription” form will be displayed. Here will explain each option you can set when creating a new subscription plan.

1) Basic Information.

In this section you can set a Name and a Description for the new plan.

2) Billing Details.

In this section you can set type, pricing and some other options.


This allows you to specify if the new subscription is One-Time or Recurring Subscriptions:

Note: Recurring payments is available only on pro versions.

Lifetime Membership:

This setting will give members a lifetime membership it won’t expire. You can use it for either paid or free subscriptions plans. Example: Personal plan $10/month, Plus $50/year and Ultimate $100/lifetime.

Note: If you select “NO” Easy WP Members will check for the expiration of the subscriptions always.

Initial Payment:

This can be used for either one-time or recurring payments.

Note: Set it to “0” for recurring payments or set a higher amount for one-time payments. This can be used for “setup” payments as well when using recurring payments. For example:  $50 setup fee then $10/monthly.

Note 2: If you input “0” for one-time payment then the subscription will be treated as “free” plan

Recurring Payment:

This is available on pro versions only, it can be used for recurring payments. You have to set a pricing that will be charged daily, weekly monthly or yearly.


Here you can set the periodicity, the option are: day(s), week(s), month(s), year(s).

Billing Cycle Limit:

Here you can determinate how long the billing process will take place, for example just once, 3 times, 8 times or it’s going to charge members forever until either you or your members stop the subscription. Set it as “0” for an unlimited cycle.

3) Stripe Subscriptions.

This section will be visible only if you have activated the Stripe plugin. There is an extensive tutorial on how to create plans with Stripe. Click here to check it out.

4) Other Settings.

Requires Admin Approbation:

If “YES” the status of the subscription purchased by your member will keep as “pending” until you change the status it doesn’t matter if the payment was processed successfully.

Public Visible:

If “NO”, this subscription plan will not visible for the public.

Display Order:

This is used to set the display ordering on the subscription plans list.


If the status is active your members will be able to purchase this subscription plan.

Assign Role:

You can assign a custom role to the member right after the subscription plan is purchased.

5) Content Accessibility.

This is another powerful setting you can use to control even more your content. Aside from the subscription plan itself this section allows you to restrict your content based on categories. For example:  You can make that members with this subscription plan can see only posts within certain categories.

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