Getting Started Guide

This tutorial will show you how to start using the plugin. Since this is a members plugin you will have to create basic pages for your users to use.

We would need to create Login, Registration, Password Reset and My Account pages. These pages would be used by our members to manage their subscriptions, orders, personal details, etc.

1) Creating the Login Page

Creating this page is very important because it will let your members  login to their accounts. Without this page the plugin won’t work properly.

Please note:  The following shortcode has to be included in this page: [easywpm_user_login]

The login page will look as follow and it can be used to let  your members to login to their accounts.

Make sure you have this shortcode in the page: [easywpm_user_login]

2) Creating the Members Account Page

This page is needed because here is where members  will be able to manage their subscriptions, upgrade, purchase more subscription, update their password, etc.

The first thing you have to to is creating a page say “My Account”.

Make sure you have this shortcode in the page: [easywpm_account]

The user’s account looks like this screenshot below:

3) Creating the Password Recover Page

This page is very important because your members will need to recover their password, so.. a page that allows them to restore the password is essential.

Make sure that the page you create for restoring the password includes this shortcode: [easywpm_user_recover_password].

4) Creating the Registration & Subscription Purchase Page

This page allows your members to purchase subscriptions and registering to your website.

The registration form will ask your members basic information such as first name, last name, email and username, this information is needed in order to create an account and purchase a subscription.

5) Setting The Member Pages.

Now that all the pages have been created we need to let the plugin know about it. So.. this can be done by clicking on the User Pages link as displayed bellow.


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