Create Subscription Plans In Stripe

To charge customers on a recurring basis subscriptions you have to create a subscription plan in Stripe. When you create a subscription plan, you can specify how much your customers are charged, how often, and other payment details. After you connect your Stripe account to Easy WP Members, the subscription plans that you create will appear in the Easy WP Members Subscriptions tab.


To charge a one-time payment for your subscription, you don’t need to create a subscription plan in Stripe. Instead, create the one-time payment directly in the Subscriptions tab .

Login to your Stripe account and click on the Plans link, then on the “New” icon, fill out the requested information.


Save the changes and you will see the Plan screen as below:

Now that you’ve created the plan in Stripe you need to create it on Easy WP Members as well.

Click on the Membership Packages tab, then click on the “Create New” button.

You will see the following screen, if Stripe plugin is active you should see the Strip Settings section, please make sure you’ve set Stripe correctly. This is important, otherwise the Strip plans won’t be populated in the drop/down list.

PLEASE NOTE: The plans you create in Stripe are automatically retrieved from the plugin, all you have to do is setting the right publishable and private keys. This article will help you to setting up Stripe.


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